1702, 2019

Frictionless Trade – UK ambitions

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Reading the Govt's advice on road haulage movements to and from the EU post-Brexit and the overwhelming desire from Us would appear to be for all movements to take place with a little friction as possible. The obvious proviso overriding all is 'Unless we leave without a deal' and even [...]

2511, 2018

Tyre Management Policy – the reality

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Does your company have a robust tyre management policy? and do you 'Walk the Walk' where tyre management is concerned? There are obvious consequences to having an effective Tyre Management policy in place within your organisation and benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and in making sure your vehicles are [...]

1605, 2018

Invaluable resources from RoSPA

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  RoSPA have long been advocates for robust Safety Systems in Workplace Transport - one of our favourite 'link to' items is the many free resources they make available to Employers to help them achieve this TAKE A LOOK

705, 2018

Notifying the Traffic Commissioner – Your Responsibilities

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Below is an extract from a recent email from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on an operators responsibility to notify in certain circumstances We're sure all operators should be aware but are equally sure there is a lack of knowledge on the part of many Do you know what [...]

405, 2018

Testing is getting Tougher

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More items coming into the Annual Test on vehicles and the standards on some items are getting stricter - check out the latest Moving On blog from the DVSA