2701, 2020

FORS Van Smart for Forkers Ltd

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Saturday 25th Jan 2020 we delivered the second of 2 FORS Van Smart courses for FORKERS Ltd at their head office in West Bromwich. For the uninitiated Van Smart is part of the Vulnerable Road User safety training which is required for those seeking FORS Silver accreditation. What made this [...]

512, 2019

ROK European Kitchens – achieving FORS Bronze

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Congratulations to ROK European Kitchens for their achieving FORS Bronze accreditation. We were happy to be part of their journey providing consultancy advice and our FORS Pre-Audit Service to guide them through the many aspects of FORS Accreditation. We're now looking forward to helping them through the FORS Silver accreditation [...]

112, 2019

Worldwide domination – not quite !

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Yesterday I delivered a FORS Safe Urban Driving course in Chelmsford, at the same time as another trainer was delivering an Emergency First Aid for Drivers in Sevenoaks and a third was delivering a FORS LoCITY course in Northampton. Not quite worldwide domination, not even the limit of our geographical [...]

2411, 2019

FORS and your Organisation

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We often come across businesses who want an end-to-end solution to their FORS Bronze or Silver accreditation - to which our answer is simple. We can help you get FORS accreditation but you can only keep it by embedding it within your organisation i.e. making people within your organisation responsible [...]

2110, 2019

Driver CPC – why would you/did you ignore it ?

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It's been 6 weeks since the deadline passed for the second period of Driver CPC on 9th September and in that time I've talked to many, many drivers who STILL haven't completed the second lot of 35 hours. In most cases these drivers are struggling to get on courses and [...]

810, 2019

Traffic Management – their lives in your hands

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We often moan and grumble about roadworks in place with no apparent work being done, but do you ever give a thought to the men and women setting out those closures or operating those Impact Protection Vehicles (IPV's) or those the IPV is there to protect. A recent share from [...]