HGV Maintenance – Horror Stories

Sadly the examples you see in the DVSA’s latest bulletin are all too commonplace and while most Operators will have a degree of confidence in the roadworthiness of their fleet it is obvious some either have no idea what a roadworthy vehicle is or , even worse, don’t care

There are a number of questions which every Operator should be asking themselves on a regular basis

  • How effective is your maintenance regime ?
  • how effective is your Vehicle Maintenance Contractor ?
  • ¬†Are you confident Daily Checks and Periodic Inspections are being carried out to the required standard ?

There are a couple of simple equations in vehicle maintenance; –

  1. Faults found at MOT = Poor Periodic Inspection Regime
  2. Numerous faults at Inspection = Poor Daily Defect Check Regime

looking at the latest bulletin from the DVSA ‘Heavy Vehicle Horrors’ a few questions immediately spring to mind; –

  • how have vehicles been allowed to get into this state ?
  • why were they not picked up earlier in the maintenance programme ?
  • How did they get on in the resulting DVSA visit/audit ? (because surely there was one)

Maybe your drivers need further training on defect checks or maybe your maintenance systems could benefit from a compliance audit

In either case we can help improve your HGV maintenance systems and ensure you don’t become a ‘Horror Stories’ subject

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