Before engaging our Transport Management Services it is important for you to identify what you need, however, if you are having trouble establishing that then by answering the following questions may provide a useful guide; –

  • What type of Operator Licence do you need (or hold) ?
  • Do you need to make changes ?
  • Do you need a suitably qualified person ?
  • Do you need your systems audited or updated ?
  • Have you been subject to a visit from the DVSA ?
  • Are you experiencing issues with your Maintenance Provider ?
Transport Management Services
Gate Checks

There are a number of ways our Transport Management Services can provide useful support to your business from simply; –

  • helping put a new licence application together for you
  • guiding you through the correct process for changes to your licence
  • providing you a qualified External Transport Manager
  • Carrying out a Compliance Audit against your systems
  • preparing a response to a DVSA Compliance Audit
  • providing an review on your maintenance provide

Your Tachograph Analysis can be managed through our systems or your existing solution with experienced Transport Managers providing you with the essential support to ensure that any Driver management issues are identified early and an appropriate response put in place.

We can support you in delivering those driver management solutions through on-site briefings, toolbox talks and more formal training sessions to ensure your Drivers are aware of, and live up to, their responsibilities in relation to your fleet operation

If, however, the whole process has become a little overwhelming just Contact Us or Call on 01245 847635 for some friendly and professional advice

Note: while we can also provide our services as a witness at public enquiry we ALWAYS recommend the engagement of professional legal representation in the form of Solicitors with specific transport public inquiry experience

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