FORS Staying Legal

The FORS Staying Legal course is designed to inform all HGV drivers of the requirements to remain compliant, when driving an HGV commercially on public roads.

The course content includes information on the various enforcement agency’s drivers and vehicle operators will come into contact with, what they are looking for in terms of compliance from Drivers and Operators and the possible consequences of non-compliance.

The learning aims of the FORS Staying Legal course are to raise the overall HGV compliance standards, along with the protection of the actual Operators Licence and to give drivers an understanding of;

  • which legislation and regulations govern the transport industry and describe the moral and legal obligations of the driver
  • the different enforcement agencies, their roles and how they target non-compliance
  • the role of the driver in protecting the operator’s licence
  • how regulations are enforced and the common offences, including drivers’ hours, loading and unloading
  • and be able to describe the requirements of the law that the driver must abide with to be compliant
  • and be able to describe the legal requirements to ensure their vehicle is compliant
  • how to be compliant in all aspects of a journey, including effective route planning
  • the WRRR schemes in place around London and what benefits they have to the driver and company

FORS Staying Legal is fully Driver CPC accredited and amounts to a seven hour Driver CPC training module, towards a driver’s graduated total

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