It’s been 6 weeks since the deadline passed for the second period of Driver CPC on 9th September and in that time I’ve talked to many, many drivers who STILL haven’t completed the second lot of 35 hours.

In most cases these drivers are struggling to get on courses and although none are saying it, many will be continuing to drive even though they are not entitled to do so commercially.

This situation is allowed to persist by; –

  • managers and companies who put the responsibility on the Driver, totally ignoring the fact that they have a responsibility to ensure any driver they put behind the wheel of one of their vehicles is there legally, OR
  • that the responsibility for training lies with both the Employer and the Employee

So ask yourself this; –

Did We take ALL reasonable steps to ensure our Drivers complied with the deadline ?

and having done that

‘ Did we take ALL reasonable steps to ensure ANY Driver without a current valid Driver Qualification Card was prevented from operating one of our vehicles ? ‘

– if the answer is no We suggest you remove the word PROFESSIONAL from you CV’s, Websites and all Company Literature, because,

quite simply, You’re not.

If you’re ignoring that, what other potential problems are there with your Operator Licence Compliance regime? and,

where would you go to find out ?