Yesterday I delivered a FORS Safe Urban Driving course in Chelmsford, at the same time as another trainer was delivering an Emergency First Aid for Drivers in Sevenoaks and a third was delivering a FORS LoCITY course in Northampton.

Not quite worldwide domination, not even the limit of our geographical capability within the UK but an indication that we’ve grown over our 6 years that from a ‘one man band’ in 2013 we have the capability to deliver a variety of training at multiple locations.

Many thanks to Nick Edwards and Laurence Laver for their support yesterday, 2 gents who are a great indication of the quality of our trainers in terms of their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to making the course a great experience for delegates.

We have delivered a variety of training, including FORS Safe Urban Driving anywhere from Norwich to Brighton, Carlisle to Cornwall taking in Wales along the way.

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