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More than 281,000 daily journeys are freight (HGV and vans) – that’s 30% of all central London traffic and 10% of all Greater London traffic. With transport accounting for 63% of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) and 52% of PM10 (Particulate Matter) emissions, the two principle pollutants of concern in London, it is vital that we take action to reduce emissions.

LoCITY has been established to help mitigate these effects and reduce commercial vehicle emissions. It offers a unique opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, fuel infrastructure providers, procurers and commercial fleet operators to collaborate to ensure we have the right technology, the right vehicles and the right fuels in the right places.

LoCITY will showcase match-funded demonstration projects and will work with other organisations to ensure the commercial fleet sector gets its fair share of funding.

LoCITY Driving is a classroom-based course that focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning and vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving, and alternative fuels. The seven-hour CPC-accredited course which is aimed at drivers gives attendees the knowledge and skills needed to cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of fleet operations.

The LoCITY Driving course was also the recipient of the prestigious Education in Transport award at the 2017 National Courier Awards for “demonstrating a commitment to education for the advancement of those working in the express industry”.

The course covers the following topics:


The relationship between driving style, fuel consumption and environmental impact


How regular maintenance and vehicle checks can cut costs and emissions


Fuel efficient driving techniques


Use of in-vehicle technology to improve fuel economy


Benefits of journey planning


Alternative fuels in commercial vehicles

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