FORS Version 5 Requirements

The FORS Requirements as detailed in Version 5.1 of the Standard is pretty extensive can seem daunting to those who are unfamiliar with it’s requirements.

Our advice is always the same as we would give to someone taking a test paper – Read The Question


RISK ASSESSMENTS ? – The standard actually gives you a list of mandatory risk assessments

POLICIES and PROCEDURES ? Again a list of mandatory policies and procedures is provided in the standard

EVIDENCE ? – Proof that you’re doing what you said you would in your policies and procedures


What Questions should you be asking ?

What policies, procedures, risk assessments and safe systems of work do you already have in place ?

Do you as an organisation have any other accreditations such as ISO9001.2015, RISQ, etc. ?

Can We adapt what we have to meet the requirements ?

Do we fully understand what it required ?

The key to FORS Compliance is Senior Management ‘buy in’ – ticking a box and gaining initial accreditation is a waste of YOUR time and money unless you follow it by monitoring the requirements, gathering the evidence and reviewing compliance consistently throughout the year.

Do we need help putting it all together ?

We at Anglia Compliance & Training Ltd have considerable experience in helping Clients through the FORS accreditation process with a great deal of success.

Being trained and experienced in FORS Auditing we can provide you with a Pre-Audit and detailed action plan or put together a complete suite of documents tailored specifically for your organisation to you to achieve and maintain compliance.

We can also provide support to help you manage your ongoing compliance requirements with FORS by way of periodic visits and remote support.

If you feel we could benefit you, please contact us to discuss further or provide a quote