With all of our courses, but especially with FORS Safe Urban Driving, we are committed to delivering the best experience we can for attendees, which with SUD includes wherever possible getting people out on bikes to live the Vulnerable Road User experience.

We do have a comprehensive inclement weather module but feel people benefit far more from the on-the-road experience.

On Saturday – 15-02-2020 – our Trainers had an additional safety factor to consider for the on-cycle element, namely Storm Dennis.

Luckily, the weather forecast was for the worst of the weather to hit PM but we were aware that the wind speed was due to increase significantly from about 10:30 am – which they did.

We planned the course in such a way as to deliver a large portion of the on-cycle session early to the greatest number of delegates possible and compliment it with a shortened version of part of the inclement weather session

We would like to thank attendees from FM Conway, Earnest Cooper and Westminster Waste for their co-operation and our cycle trainers, Steve Carswell and Peter Horrell, for their dedication to delivering a worthwhile learning experience

If you or your drivers require FORS Safe Urban Driving training for your FORS Silver accreditation, or to improve their knowledge around interactions with Vulnerable Road Users, please Contact Us or call on 01245 847635

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