Congratulations to ROK European Kitchens for their achieving FORS Bronze accreditation.

We were happy to be part of their journey providing consultancy advice and our FORS Pre-Audit Service to guide them through the many aspects of FORS Accreditation.

We’re now looking forward to helping them through the FORS Silver accreditation process over the next few weeks and providing them with ongoing support in any way we can.

The FORS Standard V5.0 has operational fleet safety and best practice at it’s heart and complying with the many requirements can be a challenge for some organisations, but we believe achieving FORS Bronze is a worthwhile aim for all fleet operations, whether involving Heavy or Light Goods Vehicles.

You may well have many of the policies and procedures needed in place, in which case our FORS Pre-Audit and detailed action plan may be all you need to help you get ready. You may have looked at the FORS Standard V5.0 and the variety of advice, toolkits and information offered on the FORS website and feel that you need our end-to-end solution, or you may fall somewhere between the two.

If you think we can help, either by providing you with a FORS Pre-Audit or a complete FORS Bronze or Silver solution please Contact Us