We understand dealing with the Enforcement Agencies and the Traffic Commissioner will be particularly stressful for some individuals but what we would advise is never let your emotions control these encounters.

DVSA Examiners and Inspectors are often characterised, wrongly, as ‘Nazis’ or ‘Jobs-Worths’ when in fact they are trying to improve road safety by getting unlawful drivers and operators and unroadworthy vehicles off he road

Our Advice would always be to take any encounter seriously and treat any Official you encounter with respect. Silence is always the best policy when you feel anger welling up and even excusing yourself if the whole experience feels overwhelming – explaining that to the DVSA.

These are not a personal attack on you, however personal it may feel, and reducing it to a personal level in this way will NOT help your case.

In the case of the Traffic Commissioner we would always recommend treating any correspondence or encounter with respect and the seriousness it deserves – ignoring it and hoping it will go away is never a solution

A recent bulletin from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner highlights two instances where Driver/Operators fell foul of the TC in relation to both their Occupational and Operator Licences which will have serious consequences for their livelihoods – see link below