The guidance given in section D1 Licensing and Qualifications of the FORS Standard will help any business address the risks associated with putting a driver on the road in a vehicle which he is not licensed or does not hold the qualification to drive.

You need to understand that the primary risk here is not to company reputation or vehicle or load damage but the Health, Safety and Welfare of other road users and it is that which needs to be a the forefront of your thinking.

In terms of holders of occupational licenses disclosure of license category expiry, suspension or disqualification by the driver is essential as is maintaining a valid Driver Qualification Card. Unfortunately, there have been too many instances where Drivers have either failed to retain awareness of upcoming expiries, or have deliberately hidden relevant facts from their employers.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘Professional Driver’ more than we would like to over the past few years, especially from drivers themselves, but to allow your organisation to succeed you rely upon drivers being licensed, qualified and to be professional so ask yourself this ;-

How professional is it of a Driver to allow their license or DQC card to expire, fail to disclose convictions which increase the likelihood of them receiving a ban, or to fail to disclose a medical condition which could affect their ability to control a vehicle?


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